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If you're an active service member or veteran of the U.S. military, we are offering you a 1-year free Premium Career subscription.  This premium subscription will help you get noticed by recruiters, build out your network, stay in the know on new jobs that fit with your skills, and easily apply for new opportunities. In addition, we are offering a free year of unlimited access to over 10,000 courses in business, creative, and technology skills, all taught by industry experts through our LinkedIn Learning platform.

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Develop your LinkedIn profile

To support you as you pursue new career opportunities, we’ve built a 1-hour tutorial on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Through this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you, get tips on how to build a professional network that supports your career goals, and learn how to leverage LinkedIn so that you can find the career that best suits your interests. 

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Discover what's next

Finding your purpose after leaving military can be a challenging task, as it may take some time to explore your strengths and determine the best next step in your career. This course shares stories of veterans and coaches you through the process of re-imagining yourself as a civilian professional.

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Transition to Civilian Employment

Transitioning from military service to civilian employment can be a challenging process full of uncertainty. Get the skills necessary to envision a new career, plot a transition plan, translate your experience, network into opportunity, and excel in your new role. Sign up for our free Premium offer to take advantage of this resource.

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Transition to Student Life

Making the most of your military education benefits can catapult you ahead in your post-service career to a broad range of opportunities. Get the skills to gain admission to schools, excel as a new student on campus, and use your education to establish an exciting career. Sign up for our free Premium offer to take advantage of this resource.

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