Code of Business Conduct

Given the pace of innovation and change in our industry, it’s important for us to remember we’re here to make a lasting impact. Our Code of Business Conduct helps us to do that in a way that’s consistent with the culture and values of LinkedIn. Our Code offers practical guidance for a swath of common compliance challenges, ensuring employees always have an up-to-date ethical resource at their fingertips.

We also maintain a robust Code of Conduct specifically for our third parties, outlining the legal and ethical responsibilities to which we hold our suppliers, vendors, and other partners. We believe everyone working for or on behalf of LinkedIn should conduct business to the same high standard that we set for our company.

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Speaking up

One of our core values at LinkedIn is “Open, Honest and Constructive,” and we believe that concept extends to all types of communication. That’s why we maintain the Integrity Helpline, a confidential reporting tool available to LinkedIn employees and third parties worldwide. Everyone working for and on behalf of LinkedIn should feel comfortable and empowered to speak up when something doesn’t seem right, or ask questions when faced with an ethical dilemma. We are committed to providing a safe environment for anyone to raise a concern, and we back that commitment with our strong non-retaliation stance.

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Anti-corruption and conflicts of interest

Our policy is very simple - we do not tolerate bribery or corruption at LinkedIn. To this end, we maintain robust anti-corruption documentation and related guidelines, as well as continuous advice and innovative red flag training to all LinkedIn employees whose roles might put them at risk of corruption or bribery. We focus outwardly on our sales partners and suppliers, performing rigorous due diligence to ensure our third parties have a proven track record and shared commitment to ethics. 

We also strive to maintain an atmosphere of transparency around real and potential conflicts of interest. With a user-friendly and well-disseminated disclosure process, we make it easy for LinkedIn employees to openly disclose outside activities, investments, and board memberships, enabling them to broaden their professional horizons and social impact without impeding on LinkedIn’s own responsible business.