Accessibility policies

Accessibility is important to us as a company. To explain this commitment and our responsibilities, we have several accessibility policies available. These policies may vary by region to account for specific local laws, but they all maintain the same sentiment: we take accessibility seriously when it comes to our members, customers, and employees.

Accommodations and hiring practices

We offer appropriate accommodations for all LinkedIn employees with disabilities at every location in which we operate.  And, as part of our hiring process, we let applicants know their rights under the applicable disability laws. This includes alerting applicants of the availability of accommodations during the interviewing and hiring processes. We’re dedicated to ensuring that all our employees and candidates feel heard and cared about at LinkedIn.


Conformance reports

At LinkedIn, we know that accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why we aim to build accessibility into our products from the ground up. We measure ourselves against international standards, including the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) V2.0 AA, in our development practices. We also maintain a library of WCAG reports and VPATs (Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates) for some of our most widely used products that can help you better understand how our products and features meet these standards.

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