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The 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report, powered by LinkedIn data and insights,  highlights the challenges many American veterans face when entering the civilian workforce today — including low internship rates, undervalued military experience, and prevailing myths around retention.

This report is intended to help employers and policymakers better understand how to serve this underrepresented population and drive more effective hiring practices, policies, and programs for veterans. For veteran job seekers, the report also details the top industries, employers, and occupations hiring veterans in each state.

Insights from the report include:

  • Veterans have many of today's most in-demand skills, with their first roles after the military often being in high-skilled jobs
  • Veterans are less likely than nonveterans to leave their first job within 6 months
  • Veterans are less likely to reach leadership roles than nonveterans, and companies generally do not value military experience the same way they count work experience in non-military roles